Lignium-Rail in action

The wooden guardrail for the perfect landscape

In order to meet modern requirements for a combination of aesthetics, environmental protection and traffic safety, the Lignum-Rail system was developed by VR. Lignum Rail offers safety and integrates harmoniously into the landscape.

A continuous metal core is embedded in the wooden beam with a diameter of 180 mm, which is screwed to the post C100. The dynamic deflection and the behaviour during the crash tests are the same as for steel guardrails. Lignum-Rail is available with post distances of 4 m and 2 m. A clever clamping system allows a quick and easy installation. Terminals are available in 4 m length. For environmental reasons, only native pine or larch woods are used. All wooden parts are compregnated and free of maintenance for many years.

DIN EN 1317-2 Test Test
Weight Post
Working Width ASI
N2 TB 11 PKW 100 20 900 2.00 m A
TB 32 PKW 110 20 1500 2.00 m • 4.00 m W6

Lignum rail with handrail

In areas with permanent pedestrian traffic, the additional installation of handrail guarantees a considerable gain of safety. To achieve the preferable height of 1.20 m, longer posts have to be used. The wooden top railing has a diameter of 120 mm. Available post distances are 4 and 2 m, the latter granting a much higher stability. The handrail is sloped down at the beginning and end of each section in order to stabilize the system and to avoid accidents.