Animal Fencing made of steel

Every year in spring, from a night temperature of about +5° C, the migration of frogs, toads and newts begins. Many of them suffer roadkill on their way to the spawning grounds. We at Volkmann & Rossbach have been involved in the topic of amphibian and small animal protection for many years and have consequently developed simple, technically mature and very effective steel guiding devices for species protection.

With the low-maintenance, durable and quick-to-install AmphibienGuard system, individual solutions for species protection have been created that can be optimally adapted to the local topography. Mitre cuts and the flexible angle sheets guarantee joint-free shoring even under difficult conditions. In addition, a double overhang and an additional downward bend prevent the guide profiles from being climbed over. The walkway with an additional bend is integrated into the ground, preventing the guiding system from being undermined. Through the professional installation of the tunnels and the amphibian guiding system, the animals are safely guided to and from their spawning grounds without having to cross roads. Special solutions that deviate from the standard in terms of the height of the guide profile and the width of the running surface can be produced by the manufacturer for the corresponding application.

Our amphibian fencing system meets all the requirements of the German Guidelines MAmS200.

Animal Fencing System

Wildlife fence

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