Noise Absorbing guardrail in Denmark

EasyRail® NA in Poland

Noise Absorbing project in Denmark


EasyRail® NA – The future belongs to the silent roads

VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH presents the innovative fusion of a road safety barrier with a special noise absorbing element. With an overall height of 900 mm, the system is just as tall as other common, modern guardrail systems – and yet reduces noise levels in protected areas significantly!

80 % of all traffic noise on roads comes from the interaction of the asphalt and the wheels of passing vehicles. With a sound source that low, there is no need for a massive wall to block the noise, if a screen can be brought close enough to the traffic.

The solution is the noise absorbing safety barrier EasyRail® NA.

The noise absorbing guardrail system is equipped with unique perforated steel beams and special panels with stone wool filling from the market leader ROCKWOOL, that allows high noise reduction levels and impressing results in test according to the European Norm EN 14388. Apart from its decent noise absorbing abilities, it is also a fully functional vehicle restraint system, crash tested to the European Norm EN 1317. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised for maximum life span and enduring performance.

Project in Denmark

Simple Application: How EasyRail® NA works

The guardrail beam of EasyRail® is already a part of the noise absorbing system. The system is equipped with unique perforated steel beams which allow the sound to get to the noise absorbing elements behind. These special panels made of stretch metal have stone wool filling.

This combination reduces sound-reflections and allows high noise reduction levels with impressing results in tests according to the European Norm EN 14388

*The noise reduction value has been determined by a specialized acoustic laboratory in accordance with ISO 9613-2.

EasyRail® NA