Noise Absorbing Guardrail the solution to noise

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Simply Clever

Vehicle Restraint Systemwith noise reducing effect

When you think of noise protection on busy roads, you automatically envisage high walls, which block the view for drivers and above all for local residents.

With EasyRail® NA things are different. This smart system combines a conventional safety barrier construction with effective noise protection. The result is significant noise reduction with maximum safety and an unobstructed view.

  • Quiet: Road noise is reduced by up to 5 dB
  • Safe: Tested to European Standard EN1317. N2 I H1 I L1 / W4 / A
  • Invisible: Optimal integration into the landscape with a height of only 90 cm
  • Efficient: Cost-effective due to long service life and low maintenance costs


Noise Absorbing with system

The principle behind the EASYRAIL® NA noise absorbing guardrail is simple, yet ingenious. Around 80% of all vehicle noise occurs at the contact area where tyres and road meet. It is generated at speeds as low as 50 km/h – irrespective of whether the vehicles are powered by conventional combustion engines or high-tech electric motors.

The system is installed directly at the roadside, providing optimal protection against ground-level noise sources. As a result, noise levels are significantly reduced by up to 5 dB.

How it works in detail

How the hybrid system works

With EASYRAIL® NA the guardrail is an integral part of the noise protection system. The surface of the guardrail beam is perforated in order to “receive” the noise. The sound-absorption panels behind are also porous and consist of expanded metal sheeting with a mineral wool filling.

This combination creates an overall system which minimizes sound reflection and achieves significant noise reduction, as sound tests carried out by independent acoustic laboratories confirm.

Double benefit

Tested vehicle restraint system

The EASYRAIL® NA system is designed to be used on motorways as well as on country roads and through-roads in urban areas.

It completely covers the working width classes W3 and W4, at impact severity level A (containment level H1). This means that it will safely stop both cars and trucks at high speeds.

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Strong traffic safety

Performance features of the Noise Absorbing Guardrail

As a serviceable and tested vehicle restraint system, EASYRAIL® NA of course complies with all relevant national and international standards.

The EASYRAIL® NA system is tested to European Standard EN1317.

All steel parts of the guardrail system are hot-dip galvanized and thus have a particularly long service life with consistent functionality and low maintenance.


Low and discreet

At a height of just 90 cm, the EASYRAIL® NA noise absorbing guardrail can be optimally integrated into the landscape, while still providing outstanding noise protection.

Small space requirement

Compact design

Traditional noise protection solutions require one thing above all else: space. The barriers cannot be installed directly at the roadside and the minimum distance requirement to adjacent buildings is high.

Thanks to its compact design and low height, EASYRAIL® NA can be installed directly at the roadside.

This not only saves space, but - particularly in areas with comparatively dense development - it also permits spatially oriented noise protection, which can be optimally adapted to local conditions and which preserves existing structures such as driveways.

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