Typical applications:

  • Work places and production facilities
  • Chemical & electrical plants
  • Gas tanks and fuel stations
  • Routes in industrial halls
  • Bearing structures of buildings and facades
  • Airports and their runways
  • Fall protection in car parks

Crash protection for heavy forklift traffic

Patented and proven modular system. Available post distances: 1,00 / 1,33 / 2,00 / 4,00 m

Advantages of the system:

  • Withstands heavy impact energy
  • Optimum system height of 650 mm
  • Small width of 180 mm
  • Can be hit from both sides due to the box beam on top of the posts
  • Posts with and without base plate available – for pile driving in soil or anchoring on solid ground
  • Variable in length and direction through individual angles and end pieces
  • Additional construction parts – e.g. underride protection that stiffens the whole system and fully close it beneath to prevent intrusion of forklift tines
  • Additional assembly of a handrail provides safety for pedestrians
  • Avoids risk of injury by covering sharp corners and edges
  • Suitable for forklifts up to 15 tons