Crash Protection Industry

Car Park Guardrail

Parking Deck Collision Protection



Basic crash protection for cars and hand lifts

Well-known and proven system installed worldwide

Advantages of the system:
  • Withstands light impact energies
  • Optimum system height of 750 mm
  • Small width of 180 mm
  • Posts available with baseplate for anchorage on solid or paved ground and without base plates for piling in soil
  • Variable in length and direction thanks to special elements and end pieces
  • Additional assembly of a handrail provides safety for pedestrians
Typical applications:
  • Access roads and parking lots
  • Car parks
  • High bay racking without forklift
  • Routes in industrial halls

Available post distances: 1,00 / 1,33 / 2,00 / 4,00 m