A1 Rheinbrücke Leverkusen - Germany

A1 Rheinbrücke Leverkusen - Germany


Intelligent Traffic Systems

Headlines about worn bridges on German highways are piling up. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, around 2,550 bridge sections are currently in poor or even insufficient condition and urgently need to be renewed.

VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH, the German market leader for safety on roads and highways, has a competent, flexible and innovative solution for this problem.

How to stop 40 tons trucks trying to pass the bridge despite already installed traffic control systems?

By installing an electronic weighing system in the carriageway and building a vehicle inspection system. In this surveying system, all vehicles are measured by laser scanners. The measuring system triggers an alarm on vehicles exceeding the pre-set maximum weights or dimensions. Traffic lights, LED display boards and boom gates are synchronized by the alarm on the site in a distance of 150 m.

The alarm chain is triggered in a very short time and all vehicles are stopped. Traffic is released immediately after filtering out the offender.

The complete traffic control system includes road signage and marking, mobile barriers, LED panels, scanners, traffic lights and boom gates. The overall service contains the installation and also the operation of the systems.