Mobile Vehicle Security Barrier – CLAW

VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH, is one of the leading suppliers of security solutions to protect crowded spaces and products for stopping hostile vehicles.

The innovative CLAW protection system has been designed to provide protection from hostile vehicles to temporary and permanent events like sports events, outdoor markets, music festivals, shopping centres, industrial sites, public services and critical infrastructures.

The CLAW protection system has been successfully tested in two different containment categories. CLAW is completely surface mounted, modular and allows, in a very short time, to protect a multitude of scenarios.



Regulation Evaluating Impact Performance – Regional impact test standards

PAS 68, ASTM F2656 & IWA 14-1 Standards have been prepared to address the needs of organisations who wish to have assurance that Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) will provide the level of impact resistance that they seek. The Standard specifies the essential impact performance requirement for a VSB and a test method for rating its performance when subjected to a full-scale impact test by a vehicle.

The performance rating is designated to each product that has been impact tested; this classification code has to be available to confirm the test results.


CLAW is designed to stop the motion of a vehicle before it reaches its goal. The vehicle is quickly neutralized and the debris, consequent to the impact, are considerably reduced thanks to the conformation and the barrier engagement system.

CLAW Application scenarios

Utilities and Critical Infrastructures, Sporting Events, Outdoor Markets and Music Festivals, Shopping Centers and Industrial Sites

Öffentliche Plätze

Multi-purpose protection

For additional value, the CLAW can be further accessorised with advertising/sponsorship or information panels, bike rack, trash cans, flower pots, LED lighting further enhancing the benefit of installing these systems in your specific scenario.

The CLAW protection system is completely modular, giving the flexibility to adapt its use to any kind of event.

It can be installed over kerbs, curves and against walls, making it the most versatile option in temporary security. Every single element can also be connected with others creating a completely fenced and protected area.