Legal aspects
For 50 years VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH has been very successful in the field of road safety, road equipment as well as in protection of nature and the environment. Highly skilled employees and specialists in the different faculties develop innovative road restraint systems, manufacture in modern plants and install our products to ensure safety on the roads. Our company network consists of consulting and research offices, manufacturing plants, connected with galvanization plants, as well as our own installation teams. Day by day we are called on for an active contribution to road safety all over the world.


Well-skilled specialists provide advice for design, realization and control of projects of all scales. VR is able to offer individual and custom-made solutions for tasks beyond the normal standards which always meet the specific requirements of the customer and his jobsite.


Many of VR’s vehicle restraint systems are compatible and allow for easy integration to already existing road safety systems due to the fact that VR offers a wide range of innovative products and services. Thanks to a vast network of production plants and warehouse locations throughout Europe, products are available at short notice.

Intelligent and flexible stock keeping concepts, professional dispatch handling and an in-house truck fleet management are major elements of our comprehensive service as well as flexible installation by our installation teams located in our headquarters and our branches.


The company has set a new standard and has done some pioneering work by developing specific mobile steel barriers for temporary use in work zones. These successfully tested systems have delivered an optimal performance in practice and are very much appreciated by customers throughout the world. Moreover, VR carries on developing passive steel protection systems in order to meet the continuously increasing requirements on the roads. Due to permanent research and development, VR is able to offer professional solutions for all containment levels and fields of application. The outstanding dynamic deformation behaviour of the systems combines a high containment level and a low ASI (Acceleration Severity Index) for the benefit of the passengers of the vehicle.


Quality management is an important and essential element of VR’s corporate philosophy. Quality at each step within the VR-group is ensured by the departments of research and development, by the manufacturing companies with affiliated galvanizing plants as well as by proper installation teams. The quality management system according to DIN EN 9001 : 2008 guarantees a quality control without any gaps. Not without reason, VR is recognized and appreciated as a competent adviser from the manufacturing sector in a large variety of national and international boards, committees and working groups. In the future, VR will keep on providing more safety on our roads by means of new products and services - not without reason, the current slogan is “We provide safety… worldwide!”