Legal aspects


In order to fulfil modern requirements for a combination of aesthetic, environmental protection and traffic safety, Volkmann & Rossbach developed the Lignum-Rail system.
Lignum-Rail (lignum = Latin: "wood“) fulfils the requirements for vehicle restraint systems pursuant to DIN EN 1317 (containment level N2) and at the same time perfectly fits into the scenery.

Containment level
to EN 1317-2
Testing Vehicle km/h Level kg Post
in m
N2 TB 11 PKW 100 20 900 2,0 - A
TB 32 PKW 110 20 1500 2,0 • 4,0 W6 -

About the construction

A transverse metal core is embedded into the 180 mm strong round timber which is force-fitted with the C-100 post. The dynamic deflection is ensured, the vehicle is diverted as in the case of a standard guard rail in the event of impact. Lignum-Rail can be supplied with post intervals of 4 m and 2 m. Through the well thought-out clamp fastening of the rail and post, fast and simple assembly is possible. Using a vertical extension rail, the system can be easily extended. Lowering devices are available as 4 m long start and end pieces. In order to use local forest resources, only native wood from pine or larch is processed. All wood parts are treated with an environmentally friendly boiler pressure impregnation and are thus maintenance free for many years.